Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's been a full year since the earthquake.

I remember being at my desk on January 12, 2010 around 5pm and reading about an earthquake that had just happened in Haiti. Honestly I don't really remember thinking it was that big of a deal. I didn't understand, nor could I really comprehend, how 200,000+ lost their lives in about 20-30 seconds.

As our team was driving down the busy, tight streets just a few short days ago, all I could think about was the chaos that probably wrang out that day. I could imagine the screaming that must have been heard, the tears that were probably cried, the people that were trapped with no way to escape. It was all a bit overwhelming - and that was just me trying to imagine.

Returning for the second time was definitely interesting and definitely a privilege that I am so grateful for. SharingJesus with the children of this country that is hurting - what a task set before us. But honestly, upon looking at them, you would never know that they are in pain. Oh no. The smiles on their faces, the strength in their voices as they sing, the way they move their shoulders when dancing, it would all lead you to believe that they are the richest children in the world. God is teaching me so much through the Haitians right now.

Until then, pray with me for these people. They need healing - emotionally, physically and spiritually. Thankfully, we serve a Mighty God.