Friday, June 25, 2010


Yesterday I went to the dentist.

Today I went back to the dentist.

The dentist told me he thinks I should have my jaw broken and reset.

I will never go back to the dentist.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

no... freedom is not free.

Sometimes I have to be put into direct contact with something to understand and appreciate it more deeply. (I hope that makes sense...)

For me, appreciating our military came truly only after my brother Caleb joined the Marines. I had always been thankful for the service and sacrifice but honestly, I never realized (and probably will never fully realize) the great sacrifice that it entails.

When our family visited Parris Island back in April, I was so glad that Caleb had made it through the dreaded boot camp experience that he had written in letters to us about. But that gladness was also shadowed with fear because although he was finished, that meant that he was one step closer to the possibility of being deployed somewhere that puts him into danger. Suddenly, everything became a little more real.

the few. the proud.

I just finished watching Pearl Harbor for probably the fifth time... but the first since Caleb became one of those men that could soon be fighting for our country. I couldn't help but cry realizing that this movie wasn't just an idea someone had created in their head and put onto screen, but rather an actual event that cost many their lives. Today I was reminded how much I need to pray for our country, our leadership, and my brother.

Recently, I attended a Memorial Day service and one of the speakers there read a poem called "Freedom Isn't Free". I'm once again reminded of these words.

Thanks to all who serve our country so courageously.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

getting old and trying new things.

Has it really been a whole year??? Happy Birthday, Lo!

It really is crazy how time goes by so quickly. Tomorrow I have my yearly evaluation at work. I started at my job as an intern on June 3, 2008, just 24 days after receiving my college diploma. And now I have my second yearly evaluation. WILD.

Anyways... enough of being mushy about how I am growing o-l-dddddd.

Yes. That's me. It's been a while, hasn't it?

Did I tell you about Michael & Anna's wedding? No? Well, I should have. Because it was one of the most beautiful weddings and most fun reception I've ever been to. Seriously. Don't believe me? Watch this INCREDIBLE video that I've been drooling over for the past week (I recommend in full screen)!

Seriously. The people. The angles. The focus. The muuuuussssic. Will someone please teach me how to make a movie like that? And did I mention I'm friends with those two? Movie Stars.

Speaking of making movies... wait... before you even think about, no, your's truly was not cast in a movie. I'm talking about literally making movies. Like in iMovie. I just signed up for a class at or local Mac store today! Maybe I will learn something and maybe I will share a video with you when I am through. Maybe. And then one day, after lots and lots of practice, other wannabe girls will be posting my videos on their little-o-blogs wishing they could be just like ME. ok... so maybe not.

In other news: I want to take music lessons. Preferably violin or piano. Have you ever played either of these? Any tips for a non-musical person like me?

oh and by the way, it's so good to see you here. -rcq