Sunday, August 31, 2008

not daydreams...


I just woke up from having a series of them.  It's a little after 2:00 a.m. and I can't go back to sleep now.  

In my nightmare, Ruthie and I were trapped by an middle aged man who would not let us go.  I remember in my dream sending my dad a text message with something along the lines of "Help, bring a gun, bring the police."  I must have been scared of that man.  Why I didn't call the police with this cell phone... I do not know.

In one of the others, I remember being outside our church with mom and Ruthie, and there were things in piles all around the property.  We weren't sure why they were there but as we were standing next to one of them, we saw someone drive up and light a torch to one in the distant.  Soon, alot of them were being lit and we were almost trapped inside flaming piles.  

Weird? Yes.  Scary? Uh-huh.  

Sunday, August 24, 2008

get your oil changed but take an extra set of keys...

A rather productive weekend that actually produced alot of rest too. I went to get my oil changed yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see that I was the only one there. "A quick trip," I thought to myself (this of course was after I actually tripped getting out of the car and almost fell, luckily, only one person saw me do it and laughed). Well, one can only be so positive. After the guy flagged me down to tell me my car was ready, I went to open the door and asked for my keys. A stunned, embarrassed look covered his face when he realized they were in the car. With the doors locked. So a trip that should have taken 30 minutes lasted about an hour and 15. No biggie though. Afterward, I went to an antique shop I had been eying while running office errands. So much beautiful stuff, but nothing that I had to have. Although, if the c.d. that they were playing in the store was for sale, I probably would have bought it. Next, I continued to venture in the hurricane affected weather to the great Macon Mall. While shopping in one of the stores, I managed to drop my phone, again. This time it did not come back on. So now, I am using an old one, but am without many numbers. At least this will push me to get a new one like I have been needing to for a while now. So that is all really.

What did you do this weekend? I mean, besides watch the Olympics?

Friday, August 22, 2008

not an ideal Friday.

While this was supposed to be a good day (Friday - the beginning of the weekend, jean day at work, and an ice cream truck with free ice cream!!) I couldn't enjoy it.


That pretty much sums up my time at work today. I was the unhappy recipient of a migraine early this morning after I arrived at work. I tried my hardest to stay until 5 and almost lasted but at 4:36, I couldn't take it anymore.

I don't know what to do. It's one of those things I've tried convincing myself I just have to deal with, but it just doesn't seem fair. At all. I've read alot of different things (this of course, after it was over) on migraines and things to help. But really I feel like I've tried everything. Well, not everything. I read that many women quit having migraines when they get pregnant. hmm...


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

first days and peaches

I missed my first day of work today.  I woke up feeling really gross and then I thought I was going to die in the shower.  But I didn't.  I had planned on going in late, but my boss was kind and told me I should stay home.  It's good to work with someone that is understanding.  

Today is also the first day of classes at Georgia College.  This means that it is the first day in 17 years that I did not have a first day of school.  It's weird not being there but I am so thankful I don't have to start another semester of classes.  I do miss my sweet friends from college though.  Caleb also started his first day of classes today at Campbellsville.  We had a sweet time as a family sending him off, but boy, we cried alot!  It'll be weird with him not being here for the next couple of months but I am so excited for him as he starts this new part of his life.  I'll miss my brudda...  

On a much different note, someone from our church gave us some peaches that they picked last weekend and oh my goodness, they are delicious!  I'll buy peaches sometimes at the store but these are like 100 times better!  I think I'll have one now... 

Saturday, August 16, 2008

it's been a while...

Well, actually only a week.  But what a week it was.

My week started off with going to church last Sunday morning and then our party of 16 (all family I might add) headed to the Mexican restaurant to celebrate Mom's birthday!   
Her actual birthday was on Saturday, but we weren't able to all get together then.  After lunch, I spent some time at home watching the Olympics (more on that later) and then went to our youth groups end of summer party.  We played (well, I mostly 
tried to play) ultimate frisbee but to my suprise Tiff had brought her cornhole boards... so I got alot of good practice in.  And you all should know how much I love cornhole practice.  

Monday started another work week.  This week was especially exciting because Carlyle kicked off their Golden Games 2008... which is their version of the Olympics.  I was one of the torch carriers in the opening ceremonies.  
This is the woman who handed the torch to me.  
I believe her name is Tippy.  She wore this outfit alot this week to show her Olympic spirit. Her white denim jacket, which matched her white denim jean capris had USA bedazzled on the back.  (edit: only at Carlyle Place are bedazzled clothing items acceptable=)  After the torch walk was complete, the participating residents and staff headed to the Grande Ballroom for Opening Ceremonies.  
These were our flag bearers for this special event.

After work, I headed to job numero dos... a little ice cream shop in Macon.  While sitting at the shop with no customers, I decided to take pictures to show you all why I probably should wear sunglasses to work. (edit: if you have sensitive eyes... skip these next pictures.  they are, well,  bright.)
Pictures of the shop...

The Birthday Party Table

Signs that I made for the shop

My attempt at creativity.  please don't laugh.

On Tuesday, I started another day at work and eagerly looked forward to 4:00 because Caleb and I were headed to Atlanta.
We went to see Brooke Fraser and William Fitzsimmons at the Variety Playhouse!  Both were so so good!  I wish I could sit through it all over and over again. 
Then after the concert we met Brooke... no biggie, except for I think Caleb is even more in love than he was before the concert.
Wednesday. ah yes, Wednesday. Work was normal, busy, but that is normal.  That night I hosted the Golden Games 2008 Table Tennis matches.  To be quite honest, I don't think I have ever played an actual game of table tennis.  But apparently, the a few of the residents at Carlyle Place have.  In fact, one was some kind of big champion when he was in high school.  He took the silver medal. 

This is a picture of all the participants and spectators at our event.

And now one of our competitors... the gold medalist is on the end with the red paddle.

Fast forward to Friday (mainly because I can't remember what I did Thursday).  The closing ceremonies were held and medals were awarded to those participating in the Senior Games.  Overall though, the highlight of my day was seeing the movie I have heard everyone talk about for the past month.  The Dark Knight.  Although, I made the mistake of going to see it alone, and was quite frightened in several parts of the movie.  Luckily for me though, there were a few other people in the theater to make me feel like I wasn't totally alone.  In fact, I think the guys behind me got a good laugh when I jumped out of my chair and screamed in the pencil trick scene with The Joker.  Speaking of The Joker... holy canoli! Heath Ledger did an incredible job of portraying someone so evil.

And today... well I made my way up to Carlyle to check on a move. After this, I hosted two birthday parties at the ice cream shop and gave people candy, cake and ice cream.  That is a fun job, because who can really be mean to someone who is giving you candy, cake and ice cream?  

So this is my week... in a nutshell. 
A rather large nutshell with pictures, I guess.  

Friday, August 8, 2008

reflection on a friday night...

When I think of Zen, I think of a peaceful state, like say, a Zen garden that is supposed to help calm and focus you.  Well that was until tonight when I ate at Zen and had the most ridiculous waitress.  This is the most I will talk about this "experience" because it isn't worth much more than that.  However, the sushi and the company were fabulous.  

This is not an easy part of life... but then again, what part is?  I am glad I have friends to talk with and share honestly, whether it be my struggles or fear that this life holds in front of me.  It is hard to be honest about these things but at the same time, it is so refreshing knowing someone knows how you feel and understands where you are or even aren't.  

Empty me of the selfishness inside 
Every vain ambition and the poison of my pride 
And any foolish thing my heart holds to 
Lord empty me of me so I can be filled with you. 

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I should really be in bed. Really.

But I am writing to all of my readers instead. (Hi dad, Hi Gina=)

It's crazy how fast the weekends go by, but even crazier how fast the weeks pass. I can't believe schools are starting already... did I mention its WAY TOO HOT for school to start? It was 102 yesterday. I keep forgetting that I'm not going back to school. The longest I've ever had a job was a semester or a summer long. It's weird to be at a place indefinitely. But its a good weird.

I want to take a trip. I don't really care where to but preferably by plane, and on this trip I would like to see some mountains or a beach. Or both. And I would also like to be with people that I love.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

broken heart...

My heart hurts. Every time I see this picture, I am reminded to pray for this woman.

Yesterday, I was getting ready for work, mom mentioned the story that was on the front of our newspaper:
"Perry mother talks about slaying of her two sons, husband's suicide"

I cannot even begin to imagine the pain she is suffering through at this very moment. She is only 30 and has just lost her two boys that were supposed to start 5th and 1st grade this week. It really is one of those stories that seem too tragic to be true.

"Bonnie Jean Hill said her husband sat their two sons on the floor Saturday afternoon and placed shooting range-style earmuffs on their heads. He didn't want the boys to hear their parents fighting.

"He told them to look at me because he didn't want them to see him crying."

Michael Lee Hill then pulled out a 9mm handgun.

"Without moving a step, he put the gun to my 10-year-old's head and shot him" she said. "Then he put the gun to my 7-year-old's head and shot him.""

When I hear stories like these, stories where there seems to be no hope, I am reminded of the Comforting and Sovereign God I serve. No, He did not want this to happen, but through this tragedy, He will bring glory. I pray that this family has the same hope that I do.

Pray for this hurting family tonight.

*edit: to read the full article, go here

Sunday, August 3, 2008

my weekend lasted only 33 hours. boo.

The weekend is already over??? It goes by so fast. Of course, most semesters in college, my weekends were made up of Thursday afternoon - Monday afternoon. How unrealistic. But I am thankful for the time that I had to be a free spirit in that special place called college. (GO BOBCATS... RAWR!!!)

I'm such an adult now... haha ... not.

Friday, August 1, 2008

a word of thanks.

I would like to say a big, and I mean big, thank you to the creator of Goody's Powder.  I don't know what genius came with this formula, but I am thankful he or she took the time to work on this product for migraine sufferers like me.  Because, I really, really, really hate having headaches and feeling like I am going to die from my head exploding.  

So thank you, whoever you are.