Saturday, January 31, 2009

Am I random? You be the judge...

1.) I hate when microwaves or timers have time left on them. I usually go out of my way to press clear. 

2.) My closet is organized by shirts, skirts, dresses, and jackets and they are all organized from lightest to darkest colors. Also, tanktops are on yellow hangers, shirts, dressses and jackets are on white, and skirts are on green.

3.) I was born with a broken nose. Yes, they fixed. And yes, it still looks broken.

4.) I love watching black kids dance and wish I knew one-tenth of their sweet moves.

5.) If I am sinigng in the car I usually check my phone to make sure it hasnt called anyone in fear that they might hear me... and laugh hysterically.

6.) I like the idea of living in another country... maybe indefinitely.

8.) I get lost fairly easily even with directions.

9.) I think everyone should own a Brookstone NAP blanket... take that Snuggie!

10.) I am on fairly tight budget for the next 1-2 years... I make exceptions for Starbucks. 

11.) I will often by the off-brand to spend less money... except for Starbucks.

12.) I like planning events from start to finish and like to have inspiration charts for them.

13.) I like looking at the large map of the world in my room.

14.) I love ironing and just bought an iron holder/organizer and new ironing pad yesterday. I was/am extremely excited.

15.) I wish I were more handy with tools... haha, the word tool makes me laugh. (I guess that's two random facts) 

16.) I really enjoy watching people making a fool of themselves on reality t.v.

17.) I look forward to being a wife and mom one day, but I realize I have alot of growing up to do and alot of giving up selfish ways before that happens.

18.) I was a cheerleader in highschool, making me the only one in my family that didn't play sports. FAIL. 

19.) Sometimes when I watch DUKE basketball, I wish I could have cheered there just to be apart of those games.

20.) One day, I am applying for Survivor and if I make it on, I will be the girl talking to the trees.

21.) There were quite a few years when I was younger that I wouldn't drink orange juice because I thought that it was what gave me migraines.

22.) I think my favorite shoes are Nine West. Heels and flats. I also love my Rainbows but they are about to be discontinued because of the large whole I have worn into the bottom of them.

23.) I love banana ice cream.

24.) I love to cook... as long as the kitchen is clean.

25.) I love board games and card games, mostly because I am REALLY good at them... and mostly because I love seeing others lose. 

26.) I once got so scared that I peed myself. The reason I was scared? I thought a fox was walking towards. Turns out that the "fox" was actually my sister Anna Beth.

27.) I hope the guy I marry wears good shoes. And good clothes. But mostly shoes.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Common Ground

I've been reminded alot this past week that God has blessed me with many people in my life that share the same vision as I do.  

This vision is not one that has to deal with popularity or success by the world's standards, but instead, an eternal vision... something that will last far longer than the job that I have or what people think might of me.  

It's incredible how God draws your heart toward those people and puts you on the same page so that everything that you are experiencing (or have experienced) makes you feel a little more normal.  

Saturday, January 24, 2009

reunion time

Currently: I am in Milledgeville sitting and sipping on coffee at a friend's (JMT) apartment, listening to the t.v. in the background.  JMT is working on a big event that will be held this weekend. (GOOD LUCK, JMT!)

JMT called the other day letting me know that one of our friends was coming down this weekend so we decided to have a mini reunion.  And then yesterday, I got a call from my old McRoomers, about her coming through town with her kids on a field trip.  So I got to see her before I left for Milledgeville!  I got to meet alot of her little 5th graders and I smelled of pizza and garlic for the rest of the night. Mmm.  On my short, little (normally boring) drive to Milledgeville last night, I also got to talk to a friend from camp that I hadn't talked to in over a year.  It's nice to have friends that you can pick up right where you left off.  I like friends like that.  So, more reunion time tonight.  And maybe a little speed scrabble too.  

One can only hope.

Edit: I am watching VH1 and there is a commercial on about animal abuse... you know, slow motion pictures of sad looking dogs played along to a sad Sarah McLachlan song.  Now, I am not an animal hater (or abuser), but come on people, think about all the children that are being abused before you send your $18/month.  Thank you.  (steps down from the platform)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

pardon the interruption.

My life has been on hold for about the past two weeks because of work.  I've stared at my computer, printed more things on a desktop printer and edited more than I care to the last couple of days.  But I shouldn't complain... I really am thankful for the job that God has given me.

And now for the lame thing I did today:
I just spent about 45 minutes cleaning up my computer. Or should I say the files on my computer.  I hate it when its unorganized.  And I also hate having things in the trash on my computer.  It drives me nuts.  But with all that I was working on with my computer at work, it had gotten "outta control" by my standards.  I can now look at my beautiful picture on my desktop and enjoy it rather than see files all around that are unorganized and not in alphabetical order.  Yes, I am o.c.d.

okay friends... I can't blog too much now.  And that is because... LOST is back!!!  What is going to happen on this C-ARAAZAAAYYY show?!

Friday, January 16, 2009

change of heart

it's interesting. 

sometimes when i think i know what i want, but then let God have control and God do the leading, things turn out SO... VERY... DIFFERENTLY.  He definitely has the ability to change and shape your heart when you let Him. 

it's interesting yet, very exciting, scary and wild at the same time.  He always surprises me.  I remember my dad telling me in high school that God would never make you do something you didn't want to do.  Now by this, he didn't mean you might never have to take a leap of faith or be uncomfortable and ultimately there are things that He commands of us that we might not be 100% ok with.  But God doesn't want us to suffer or be miserable through this life.  He doesn't want us to be unhappy people, living out something only because He wants us to.  No, He wants us to be passionate about things.  Passionate about our gifts He has give us -- our jobs, our hobbies, our friends, our family.

and that's how I want to live my life.  Passionately.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

better late than never...

The day after Thanksgiving, I told you all what I had gotten after going shopping.  And I also said that I was saying what else I had gotten for a later post.

This is that later post.  And I will tell the story through pictures.  

Once there was a girl who had this blog.  This girl just recently finished school.
After finishing school, she got a job at a retirement community where she works in the marketing department.  This girl also likes to edit and play around with pictures and design and create things like stationary, logos, and other things.  

A few months of working went by and she began to look at something that she wanted to buy.  The problem is, she has a difficult time making decisions.  So after several months, she decided to take the plunge and purchase what she had been eyeing for several months.  So, the day after Thanksgiving, she transferred all the money she needed to make the purchase into her checking account and did it.  

A few days later, after working a 12 hour day at work, she went home to find something awaiting for her at home.  It was a simple box.  

She knew exactly what it was: what she had ordered just days before!

She was glad her wait was over and excited to open.  But she thought about you all and decided to take pictures so you could share in the excitement as well.  

Or just laugh at her for taking such ridiculous pictures.

So, can YOU guess what it is?

Da da dun daaaaa...

a little picture with a little Santa.

like a mother and her child... so proud.

and for the most creepy/awkward picture of the night:

Almost two months later, she is continuing to learn more and more about her new Macbook.  And having so much fun.  It couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

So that is the story.  Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


it's nice to be able to sit and think in quiet.  i don't take the time to do it often enough.

but today i am.

thinking and praying.  

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mr. Jones

1. Put your music player on Shuffle.... windows media player, ipod, itunes...etc
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write down the name of the song no matter how silly it sounds!
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Tag at least 10 friends.
6. Anyone tagged has to do the same, because fun pointlessness spreads like a virus (and none of us really want to do our work).

If someone says, “Are you okay?” you say?

Walk On By (Burt Bacharach) 

[I don't say anything... I just walk on by. bc I'm rude like that]

How would you describe yourself?

Bedroom Talk (The Starting Line)

[well...  who is this band and how did it get on my iTunes?!]

What do you like in a guy/girl?

Best I'll Ever Be (Sister Hazel)


How do you feel today?

Breakdown (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)

[quite the opposite, actually]

What is your life’s purpose?

I Will (The Beatles)

["love you forever and ever']

What is your motto?

Inspired by the $ (The Starting Line)

[again... who is The Starting Line?... and its all about the G's, ha...]

What do your friends think of you?

Please Mister Postman (The Beatles)

[what can I say? I deliver... haha]

What do you think of your parents?

Don't Look Back (Antigone Rising)

[quite the opposite actually]

What do you think about very often?

Every Night (Paul McCartney)

[but tonight, i just want to stay in and be with you... (sigh)]

What is 2 + 2?

All Shook Up (Elvis Presley)

[math gives me the shakes]

What do you think of your best friend?

Talk About Sufferin (Buddy Greene)

[ poor friend=) haha]

What do you think of the person you like?

Cruisin (Gwynneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis)

[cruise with me baby...woooooo]

What is your life story?

Chicken Little Was Right (Turtles)

[i don't get it]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Mother’s Song (Kathy Zavada)

[hmmm... so true]

What do you think of when you see the person you like?

Olga (Joshua Bell)

[well. not exactly]

What will you dance to at your wedding?

Peace With You (Ten Shekel Shirt)

[how sweet]

What wilBoldl they play at your funeral?

Wholy Holy (Kirk Franklin)

[well see how that turns out]

What is your hobby/interest?

Trip Through Your Wires (U2)

[only if i have old clothes on]

What is your biggest fear?

Your Loving Flame (Paul McCartney)


What is your biggest secret?

The Difficult Kind (Sheryl Crow)


What do you think of your friends?

Praise Song (Third Day)

[praise the Lord for them!=) ]

What will you post this as?

Mr. Jones (Counting Crows)

[gewddd song]

Friday, January 9, 2009


“to love at all is to be vulnerable
love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken
if you want to make sure of keeping it intact,
 you must give your heart to no one, 
not even to an animal. 
wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; 
avoid all entanglements; 
lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. 
but in that casket 
- safe, dark, motionless, airless -
  it will change
it will not be broken;
 it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable
the alternative to tragedy, or at least to the risk of tragedy is damnation. 
the only place outside heaven
 where you can be perfectly safe from all the dangers and perturbations of love is hell.”
w.ords o.f w.isdom 
from c.s.lewis

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

La vita è Bella ...


And this movie will make you realize that even more... 

Watch it.  And tell me what you think.

Monday, January 5, 2009

**lookin' fine, in 2009

Actually, I have yet to look fine in 2009.  In fact, I've done quite the opposite.  You see, I am still sick.  Yes, still.  An upper respiratory infection and a side of laryngitis to be exact.  So in 2009, I have already seen my doctor.  Hoo-ray.

And in 2009, I have started a budget.  A real budget.  During college, I accrued a generous amount of loan money from a not so generous lender.  So I am determined to get this paid off quickly and faster than they expect me to pay it off.  (It's not really that bad, but who likes being in the negative??  Not me.)  ItalicI have even set up an online thing that lets me put in all of my account info and track where I am spending my money the most and how I am spending it.  This month, my most frequented place was Chick-fil-A.  How sad.  But that is also the month where Nanny was in the hospital and I would grab it to go after work.  I accumulated many a kids meal books (because they don't give toys) that month.  I have also set up a ledger created by myself and I actually like putting all the numbers in and keeping track of everything.  It makes me feel like I am in control... which as you know, I like. ALOT.  
Here is one of the graphs that the online place created for me...  cool, huh?  
(keep in mind that I do not normally spend $237 on shopping... it was Christmas time, people=)

And in 2009, today, I am missing my first day of work.  I h-a-t-e missing work.  I don't like to feel that I am getting behind or possibly letting someone down.  These things do not make me feel good.  But due to the incessant coughing, sneezing, runny nose, aching muscles (from said coughing and sneezing) I felt like staying home was probably a good idea.  

So for now, I am off to rest.  more.  Pray that I get better.  And pray that I stay with my budget=)

**I do not endorse this quote in any way, shape or form.  I actually laugh when people say it and are expected to be taken seriously.  Please don't judge me.