Tuesday, January 13, 2009

better late than never...

The day after Thanksgiving, I told you all what I had gotten after going shopping.  And I also said that I was saying what else I had gotten for a later post.

This is that later post.  And I will tell the story through pictures.  

Once there was a girl who had this blog.  This girl just recently finished school.
After finishing school, she got a job at a retirement community where she works in the marketing department.  This girl also likes to edit and play around with pictures and design and create things like stationary, logos, and other things.  

A few months of working went by and she began to look at something that she wanted to buy.  The problem is, she has a difficult time making decisions.  So after several months, she decided to take the plunge and purchase what she had been eyeing for several months.  So, the day after Thanksgiving, she transferred all the money she needed to make the purchase into her checking account and did it.  

A few days later, after working a 12 hour day at work, she went home to find something awaiting for her at home.  It was a simple box.  

She knew exactly what it was: what she had ordered just days before!

She was glad her wait was over and excited to open.  But she thought about you all and decided to take pictures so you could share in the excitement as well.  

Or just laugh at her for taking such ridiculous pictures.

So, can YOU guess what it is?

Da da dun daaaaa...

a little picture with a little Santa.

like a mother and her child... so proud.

and for the most creepy/awkward picture of the night:

Almost two months later, she is continuing to learn more and more about her new Macbook.  And having so much fun.  It couldn't have come at a more perfect time.

So that is the story.  Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Yes. Drink up that Steve Jobs Kool Aid. Sip it down like a fine wine. lol. Please just don't be one of those people that I was describing. I'm just waiting for your next post to say that you are now a vegan, lesbian, hipster that frequents whole foods, drives a prius, and only listens to some obscure indie band that no one has ever heard of. Don't become that!

Mark_in_Rio said...

My macbook erased everything last week. its still pretty cool though

RaCeQu said...


I have something to admit to you.

I am probably the most opposite of a vegan, lesbian, hipster that frequents whole foods, drives a prius, and only listens to some obscure indie band that noone has ever heard of.

I am a chicken & meat lover, boy-lovah, prepster that frequents Kroger (would love if we had a Whole Foods here), drives a Honda but would love to drive a HUGE SUV, and i listen to everything under the sun including rap and country. so there. no worries.



Until you start updating your blog, please refrain from commenting on mine... mmkay?

Only a year ago, we saw our faces plastered all over school... vote for RACHEL and MARK! how awkward. where does time go?!

Anonymous said...

Ok, good. Thanks for putting my concerns to rest. Enjoy your new puter!