Wednesday, January 21, 2009

pardon the interruption.

My life has been on hold for about the past two weeks because of work.  I've stared at my computer, printed more things on a desktop printer and edited more than I care to the last couple of days.  But I shouldn't complain... I really am thankful for the job that God has given me.

And now for the lame thing I did today:
I just spent about 45 minutes cleaning up my computer. Or should I say the files on my computer.  I hate it when its unorganized.  And I also hate having things in the trash on my computer.  It drives me nuts.  But with all that I was working on with my computer at work, it had gotten "outta control" by my standards.  I can now look at my beautiful picture on my desktop and enjoy it rather than see files all around that are unorganized and not in alphabetical order.  Yes, I am o.c.d.

okay friends... I can't blog too much now.  And that is because... LOST is back!!!  What is going to happen on this C-ARAAZAAAYYY show?!

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