Saturday, January 31, 2009

Am I random? You be the judge...

1.) I hate when microwaves or timers have time left on them. I usually go out of my way to press clear. 

2.) My closet is organized by shirts, skirts, dresses, and jackets and they are all organized from lightest to darkest colors. Also, tanktops are on yellow hangers, shirts, dressses and jackets are on white, and skirts are on green.

3.) I was born with a broken nose. Yes, they fixed. And yes, it still looks broken.

4.) I love watching black kids dance and wish I knew one-tenth of their sweet moves.

5.) If I am sinigng in the car I usually check my phone to make sure it hasnt called anyone in fear that they might hear me... and laugh hysterically.

6.) I like the idea of living in another country... maybe indefinitely.

8.) I get lost fairly easily even with directions.

9.) I think everyone should own a Brookstone NAP blanket... take that Snuggie!

10.) I am on fairly tight budget for the next 1-2 years... I make exceptions for Starbucks. 

11.) I will often by the off-brand to spend less money... except for Starbucks.

12.) I like planning events from start to finish and like to have inspiration charts for them.

13.) I like looking at the large map of the world in my room.

14.) I love ironing and just bought an iron holder/organizer and new ironing pad yesterday. I was/am extremely excited.

15.) I wish I were more handy with tools... haha, the word tool makes me laugh. (I guess that's two random facts) 

16.) I really enjoy watching people making a fool of themselves on reality t.v.

17.) I look forward to being a wife and mom one day, but I realize I have alot of growing up to do and alot of giving up selfish ways before that happens.

18.) I was a cheerleader in highschool, making me the only one in my family that didn't play sports. FAIL. 

19.) Sometimes when I watch DUKE basketball, I wish I could have cheered there just to be apart of those games.

20.) One day, I am applying for Survivor and if I make it on, I will be the girl talking to the trees.

21.) There were quite a few years when I was younger that I wouldn't drink orange juice because I thought that it was what gave me migraines.

22.) I think my favorite shoes are Nine West. Heels and flats. I also love my Rainbows but they are about to be discontinued because of the large whole I have worn into the bottom of them.

23.) I love banana ice cream.

24.) I love to cook... as long as the kitchen is clean.

25.) I love board games and card games, mostly because I am REALLY good at them... and mostly because I love seeing others lose. 

26.) I once got so scared that I peed myself. The reason I was scared? I thought a fox was walking towards. Turns out that the "fox" was actually my sister Anna Beth.

27.) I hope the guy I marry wears good shoes. And good clothes. But mostly shoes.

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