Saturday, August 16, 2008

it's been a while...

Well, actually only a week.  But what a week it was.

My week started off with going to church last Sunday morning and then our party of 16 (all family I might add) headed to the Mexican restaurant to celebrate Mom's birthday!   
Her actual birthday was on Saturday, but we weren't able to all get together then.  After lunch, I spent some time at home watching the Olympics (more on that later) and then went to our youth groups end of summer party.  We played (well, I mostly 
tried to play) ultimate frisbee but to my suprise Tiff had brought her cornhole boards... so I got alot of good practice in.  And you all should know how much I love cornhole practice.  

Monday started another work week.  This week was especially exciting because Carlyle kicked off their Golden Games 2008... which is their version of the Olympics.  I was one of the torch carriers in the opening ceremonies.  
This is the woman who handed the torch to me.  
I believe her name is Tippy.  She wore this outfit alot this week to show her Olympic spirit. Her white denim jacket, which matched her white denim jean capris had USA bedazzled on the back.  (edit: only at Carlyle Place are bedazzled clothing items acceptable=)  After the torch walk was complete, the participating residents and staff headed to the Grande Ballroom for Opening Ceremonies.  
These were our flag bearers for this special event.

After work, I headed to job numero dos... a little ice cream shop in Macon.  While sitting at the shop with no customers, I decided to take pictures to show you all why I probably should wear sunglasses to work. (edit: if you have sensitive eyes... skip these next pictures.  they are, well,  bright.)
Pictures of the shop...

The Birthday Party Table

Signs that I made for the shop

My attempt at creativity.  please don't laugh.

On Tuesday, I started another day at work and eagerly looked forward to 4:00 because Caleb and I were headed to Atlanta.
We went to see Brooke Fraser and William Fitzsimmons at the Variety Playhouse!  Both were so so good!  I wish I could sit through it all over and over again. 
Then after the concert we met Brooke... no biggie, except for I think Caleb is even more in love than he was before the concert.
Wednesday. ah yes, Wednesday. Work was normal, busy, but that is normal.  That night I hosted the Golden Games 2008 Table Tennis matches.  To be quite honest, I don't think I have ever played an actual game of table tennis.  But apparently, the a few of the residents at Carlyle Place have.  In fact, one was some kind of big champion when he was in high school.  He took the silver medal. 

This is a picture of all the participants and spectators at our event.

And now one of our competitors... the gold medalist is on the end with the red paddle.

Fast forward to Friday (mainly because I can't remember what I did Thursday).  The closing ceremonies were held and medals were awarded to those participating in the Senior Games.  Overall though, the highlight of my day was seeing the movie I have heard everyone talk about for the past month.  The Dark Knight.  Although, I made the mistake of going to see it alone, and was quite frightened in several parts of the movie.  Luckily for me though, there were a few other people in the theater to make me feel like I wasn't totally alone.  In fact, I think the guys behind me got a good laugh when I jumped out of my chair and screamed in the pencil trick scene with The Joker.  Speaking of The Joker... holy canoli! Heath Ledger did an incredible job of portraying someone so evil.

And today... well I made my way up to Carlyle to check on a move. After this, I hosted two birthday parties at the ice cream shop and gave people candy, cake and ice cream.  That is a fun job, because who can really be mean to someone who is giving you candy, cake and ice cream?  

So this is my week... in a nutshell. 
A rather large nutshell with pictures, I guess.  

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