Tuesday, August 5, 2008

broken heart...

My heart hurts. Every time I see this picture, I am reminded to pray for this woman.

Yesterday, I was getting ready for work, mom mentioned the story that was on the front of our newspaper:
"Perry mother talks about slaying of her two sons, husband's suicide"

I cannot even begin to imagine the pain she is suffering through at this very moment. She is only 30 and has just lost her two boys that were supposed to start 5th and 1st grade this week. It really is one of those stories that seem too tragic to be true.

"Bonnie Jean Hill said her husband sat their two sons on the floor Saturday afternoon and placed shooting range-style earmuffs on their heads. He didn't want the boys to hear their parents fighting.

"He told them to look at me because he didn't want them to see him crying."

Michael Lee Hill then pulled out a 9mm handgun.

"Without moving a step, he put the gun to my 10-year-old's head and shot him" she said. "Then he put the gun to my 7-year-old's head and shot him.""

When I hear stories like these, stories where there seems to be no hope, I am reminded of the Comforting and Sovereign God I serve. No, He did not want this to happen, but through this tragedy, He will bring glory. I pray that this family has the same hope that I do.

Pray for this hurting family tonight.

*edit: to read the full article, go here

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