Thursday, June 10, 2010

getting old and trying new things.

Has it really been a whole year??? Happy Birthday, Lo!

It really is crazy how time goes by so quickly. Tomorrow I have my yearly evaluation at work. I started at my job as an intern on June 3, 2008, just 24 days after receiving my college diploma. And now I have my second yearly evaluation. WILD.

Anyways... enough of being mushy about how I am growing o-l-dddddd.

Yes. That's me. It's been a while, hasn't it?

Did I tell you about Michael & Anna's wedding? No? Well, I should have. Because it was one of the most beautiful weddings and most fun reception I've ever been to. Seriously. Don't believe me? Watch this INCREDIBLE video that I've been drooling over for the past week (I recommend in full screen)!

Seriously. The people. The angles. The focus. The muuuuussssic. Will someone please teach me how to make a movie like that? And did I mention I'm friends with those two? Movie Stars.

Speaking of making movies... wait... before you even think about, no, your's truly was not cast in a movie. I'm talking about literally making movies. Like in iMovie. I just signed up for a class at or local Mac store today! Maybe I will learn something and maybe I will share a video with you when I am through. Maybe. And then one day, after lots and lots of practice, other wannabe girls will be posting my videos on their little-o-blogs wishing they could be just like ME. ok... so maybe not.

In other news: I want to take music lessons. Preferably violin or piano. Have you ever played either of these? Any tips for a non-musical person like me?

oh and by the way, it's so good to see you here. -rcq


Emily and Dallas said...

Love the new header! Looks a little familiar. :) Gotta love hydrangeas. Love you girl!

RaCeQu said...

every girl from the south should love hydrangeas =)

RaCeQu said...

oh and the header is EXTREMELY oversized and pixelated right now but I shall redo it tomorrow.

Gina said...

i miss you when you're gone.
ain't no sunshine when..........

Tiffany said...

you mean you would rather take an imovie lesson from a mac store than from me? haha!!! just kidding! i need to join with you!!

RaCeQu said...

The feeling is mutual, Venerrrrra.

And Tiff, I sent you an invite to the class too! Of course, you're probably way past what they're going to teach... you, Mac Pro, you! =)