Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I like pictures. Give me a book and chances are I'm going to flip to the middle to see if it has photos from a persons life. Well on Sunday night as I was leaving Bible study (which happens to be in the same room as my Dad's church library), a picture of an old woman caught my eye .

While it wasn't this is exact picture, the face was the same and I wondered who this woman was. I decided to borrow the book. (By the way, Dad, if you are reading this, I borrowed your book=) As I turned over to the front cover, I recognized the name Corrie Ten Boom but honestly, had never taken the time to find out who this woman was or what she was known for. Tonight as I began reading the book, I cannot tell how many times I had to stop and really digest the depth of the words she wrote. I can tell it's going to challenge me and help me to remember to rest solely in Him.

So glad this woman's picture caught my eye and I picked this one up off the shelf...

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cottage girl said...

Corrie ten Boom speaks truth into my life. I have learned so much from her! The Hiding Place remains one of my favorite books of all time.