Wednesday, February 22, 2012

...those who do

well I'll be real honest. I've been enjoying the slacker train for far too long when it comes to updating my blog.  but don't you worry, I still remember how to do it {even though blogger got a nice little facelift since my last visit}.

so speaking of doing... I've been challenged by this little saying lately.


Do you ever feel like you have to wait... and wait... and wait for something? I always struggle with that in between time.  If I've learned anything over this last year and half {and trust me, He's always having to remind me of this one} it is to continue to move during that waiting process.  I often get trapped in the wondering that causes me to lie motionless rather than trusting His timing of it all.  But I realize over and over how much precious time and the many opportunities we miss when we do things that way.

So instead, I'm going to move right along... I'm going to do things... I'm going to live... enjoy the sunshine... and of course, smell the flowers along the way.


And while I'm at it, I'll pick up some of those flowers so whenever I arrive at where He has me going, I'll have a sweet little bouquet to remind me of my journey.

hello friends, it's good to be back!

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