Thursday, February 14, 2013

a valentines memory

It was my sophomore year in college and I had just finished classes for the day. I walked into my room at my apartment and saw tulips and a note.  The note read:
    "Someday two-lips will touch... No dating - just waiting."

Nope, this wasn't from a stalker who had snuck into my bedroom and was trying to tell me something through a cryptic message. My parents had arranged for it to be in my room that Valentines Day.

I've thought about that memory more than a few times since then. While it was nice to have flowers in my room for a few days, I'm more thankful for the lasting impression those words had on me. When my parents wrote, "no dating - just waiting" that wasn't there way of saying that I wasn't allowed to date; it was actually a quote from a song that I'm sure I had shared with them. Those words have been a sweet reminder to be comfortable in waiting for the man God had for me. Although I wasn't always the perfect image of patience, and there were many days that I wanted God to bring someone into my life on my schedule, I know God protected me with His plan that was so much higher and so much greater than I could have ever orchestrated for myself.

So to my parents who were my valentines and prayed for me these last 26 years: THANK YOU, He has shown me His faithfulness! I love you!

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Sarah said...

No dating, just waiting. I love that. Thanks for sharing! And congrats again! :)