Friday, November 21, 2008

my blog siesta is over...

...and here I am back writing to you. It's not really been that long, but I've just had a few changes that have made me to lazy to sit at the computer. Well, one change mainly. I bought an iPhone a few weeks ago and now I don't get in the computer as often to write about what's going on with me, racequ.

But that will probably change now that I have found this fancy little (FREE) application which allows me to write on my phone, say, when I'm drying my hair... like I am now. Just call me a multi-tasker. Oh and thank you, Steve Jobs. Absolutely brilliant!

1 comment:

cottage girl said...

I wondered where you were! My brother is in love with his iphone too. I think he would marry it if possible.
Yippee for more iphone blogs! Blogger has phone posting too. I steal Timmy's phone and use it sometimes to post. Example:(