Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yesterday, I got to have lunch with a friend from college and it was fun to hear how she was doing and share with her what the Lord is doing in my life. Even though we are both in completely different places, we have the same hopes, struggles, and joys of figuring out this life we are living out.

Then today at church we had missionaries visit our Sunday School class and share with us just a brief overview of what God is doing through them. There words were encouraging and thought provoking to me, as I have been thinking of missions for a little over a year now. Some of our family took them out to lunch and I got to hear not only about their experiences while they were on the field, but also about their daughter who is currently serving on an 11 month trip all over the world. They told me about how to learn more about the organization and I've spent probably the last hour and a half reading her blog from the last year and few months of her life. Although I've never met this girl or the other people's blogs I've looked at, God has used them all to encourage and inspire me. People that I've never even seen or don't know anything about (other than what I've read) and I feel like I totally understand their thoughts. Isn't that cool? I love seeing who the Lord brings into my life and also how he brings them there.

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