Thursday, June 11, 2009

my little Pillow

This is a story, a brief story, about how Lois came into my world.

On October 14, 2008, my 22nd birthday, some of our family went out to eat for dinner. It happened to be a rather small gathering for our family - C was away at school, J & T and J, K, E, & A were all in Florida for their fall break. Little did I know, J & T were actually on their way back home and were going to stop at the restaurant. We were close to being done with our food and in came J & T. We were all very surprised to see them there - thinking that they were still on vacation. I noticed J looked tired but didn't say anything because who really likes to hear, "you look so tired, are you sick?" Well not me. So I said nothing. That night, I learned something about my Mom. She has an incredible pregnancy-dar... you know can tell exactly when someone is pregnant? Well that is her. She said that J was pregnant. I hoped so, but didn't really give it too much thought.

Please note the foreshadowing AB & R are displaying... not for Ruthie but for J & T.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2008. Our family had finished eating Thanksgiving supper and we were all making our way to the living room. Out of the blue, Teddy said something about telling everyone what we were thankful for. BINGO. I knew it. Quickly, I ran upstairs to find Ruthie and told her - J & T are going to have a baby and they are going to tell us tonight. So the going around the room, telling what we were thankful for began. Now as most of you know, our family is pretty big and even more so on holidays. So after listening to what people were thankful for the time came to T. He was thankful for his job, health, and other things I'm sure. But he didn't say he was thankful for a baby. So we went further around the circle and got to Jessie. "I am thankful for Teddy, my job and the BABY we're going to have!" Success! I wish I had video of everyone yelling and jumping up - but I don't. So just imagine it.
R, C & I on the way to shop at midnight after we found - we were excited!

The soon-to-be-parents at our Christmas photo session.

Months went by and I felt Jessie's baby inside her stomach... felt it move... felt its elbow... its bottom. What a cool feeling. I don't suggest going up to strangers and feeling there stomach but it is such a cool feeling! Along the way, my niece and I decided to give little one a name. We didn't know if it was going to be a boy or girl so we couldn't pick an actual name. So we wanted something that was soft and big. PILLOW. That's the name we came up with. And we called it that for a majority of the pregnancy.

In late May, J had dilated and was feeling uncomfortable. I thought for sure that the baby would be here any day. So not knowing much about babies and how they will come only when they want to-regardless of how many centimeters there mommy is dilated-I made a promise to Jessie. I wouldn't drink Starbucks until she went into labor. This way it be exciting to have a Starbucks and not just like every other coffee. (are you realizing how lame I am yet? good.) It's not that I am addicted but I love having a special drink about once or twice a week. Well, of course, J went for much longer than expected. But like I thought, when she went into labor and I got my coffee, it was truly WONDERFUL. So it proved it was going to be a good day - not because I was enjoying my coffee I had gone without for about two and a half weeks - but because I was going to see little PILLOW!

We waited at the hospital from about 6:30 a.m. until about 6:00 p.m. when they said they were ready for her to start pushing. As about 15 of us stood around a cell phone that was on speaker, we could hear laughing and counting "1-2-3-4- c'mon J-5-6-7-8-9-10!" And about 20 minutes later, we heard the doctor say, "It's a girl!" Now I'll be quite honest, ever since we knew Jessie was pregnant we thought for sure it was a boy. I don't know what made us think that but I always referred to it as a him and laughed when people said it was a girl. That was until mom's pregnancy-dar went off again about a week ago. Mom looked at her and said, "she's having a girl." At that moment, I believed it was going to be a girl but still referred to it as him out of habit. Of course as expected, mom was right - AGAIN.

We waited for a few minutes and T came into the room telling us that they were both fine and revealed the name. Lois Catherine Tanner. A beautiful and special name to our family. My grandmother, Delores Queen, who passed away in December, was always called Lois by my grandfather and T's father and oldest brother's name are Louis, so its definitely a special name that this little one will carry.

I'm so grateful for this little one and I'm so blessed to be apart of this big family that celebrates new life in such a special way. I can't wait to watch my little Lo grow!

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Gina said...

That was funny and beautiful and so special. I almost cried and I love the meaning of her name. She is so beautiful. I still can't believe J is a mommy. Wow!! Thanks for sharing. And, did I read that right? You guys listened to the whole birth on speaker phone?