Monday, November 2, 2009

trick or treat.

first for the treats...

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A holiday that I do not really remember participating in until high school, maybe even college. I remember dressing up as a black eyed pea when I was a little. No, not one of these Black Eyed Peas...
No, my mom, for those of you who know her, likes to be funny, "pun-ny" if you will. So we would get a black eye drawn on with a P tacked to our shirt. Hilarious. Orrrrrr embarrassing. I now appreciate her humor more, I just don't appreciate her making me look like this fruitcake.

So since I have started celebrating Halloween (and by celebrating I mean dressing up) I have tried to make up for lost time.

Halloween is a very big at the retirement community I work at. We have a big breakfast for the residents which is followed up by skits from different departments at work. Our group decided to act out the song Monster Mash and dress up as classic halloween characters. Ghoul here. Witch there. I decided I would be a mummy. And this is how it turned out.
I think I did a good job considering one of my friends was scared to look at
my facebook page for the two days I had it posted.

Since Halloween fell on a Saturday that meant I got to dress up two times! Well, I got really lazy on Saturday and didn't feel like pulling my idea of a costume together so I thought I wouldn't dress up. Luckily, I still have about 6 cheerleading uniforms in my closet so I revisited them for the first time since I graduated high school 5 and a half years ago! And it was actually kind of fun, except for the fact that my uniform didn't fit like it used to. But let's not focus on the negative, CHEERLEADERS ARE POSITIVE!

So we took Eth and Ave throughout the neighborhood knocking on doors and ringing door bells in exchange for candies. I honestly think everyone loved them the most... I mean honestly, how often do you see a 3 year old with a wig that is the size of her body? Or a little 3 and a half foot Darth Vader running around? One woman even asked if she could take a picture to remember these sweet little humans. And I do not blame her. I love them.

Darth and Ariel.

now for tricks...

Yesterday we had lunch with a group from our church. We went to a Thai restaurant and I ordered sushi. When my sushi came out, Jessie was telling how she one time thought the wasabi was actually avocado and had spread it all over her food. We were laughing about that and Teddy, my dear brother-in-law, said that I wouldn't eat the wasabi that was presented on my plate. For some reason, when I am dared to do certain things, I feel like I have to do them. Does anyone remember summer 2006 and my sabbatical from showering? Well based off of the result of that dare -MRSA/Staph Infection, not to mention, probably less friends- I should have known better than to take Teddy up on his dare. Butttt I didn't know better. So I did.





tiny little wasabi. not so bad...

ok. yes it was. i am cryingggg.

So for future references, be wise in dares that you choose. Or you will have heartburn for the next 36 hours!

xoxo, friends!

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