Monday, December 14, 2009

the evidence of things not seen.

I am racking my brains trying to remember where it was that I read this... I might have even posted this before - but it is so convicting and applicable [to me] that I think it's worth a re-post.

"It would be awesome if you went to your mailbox or checked your e-mail or found a message in a bottle the day after you were saved and found a detailed, 39-page timeline that described the rest of your life. You would be so excited to find out the answer to every question you had about your life — where you’d go to school, where you’d live, what your job would be, whom you’d marry and how many kids you'd have. Everything you needed to know would be nicely and neatly presented in one document. It would be a great message to get.

This is what we often want. We crave a nice package in which God explains everything to us. But the truth is that God doesn’t work that way. If He did, we wouldn’t need faith.

God calls us to step into the unknown so that we can find Him standing right there. He wants us to come to Him in faith. He wants our belief in Him to move us into the unknown. He wants us to act so that we can learn to trust Him more and more."


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Rodney said...

That's good Rachel.