Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hi there, ole' bloggy friends-o-mine.

I am feeling rather chippa' this evening. Probably because I had one of the LONGGGESST days at work today and I am glad to be out of the office. I don't know why today felt particularly long. But enough complaining.

Can I just talk about my bedroom for a minute. My safe place... my dwelling... it is a MESS. I think I am actually sleeping worse because of how messy it is. (Maybe this is why I had a bad day at work? Oh right... no complaining!) Anyways, any time I go to clean my room, I get distracted. Usually I can clean/organize my room quickly and efficiently. And then 2010 began. Eh, not so much. What is wrong with me? I think I'm becoming distracted by little things going on in my life... my future, frustrations, things that are uncertain. And then there's also things like the Olympics (curling, anyone?) and DUKE basketball. Those haven't helped either.

Oh but these past few weeks haven't been a COMPLETE failure... below is a list of some things I have done.
- made my first Craigslist sale (and no one was killed, +2 points!)
- watched (too much) of The Bachelor
- found two window panels from Pier 1 for $10 (steal!)
- found the best homemade salad combo
- figured out what the LOUD alarm noise in my car was (it's the small victories, people)
- saw this dear one
- worked at least 160 hours
- remade an old Goodwill frame into a fun, new chalkboard (random, yes)
- gotten information about volunteering for a local charity
- ran a 5k in 32 degree weather (my arches still hurt)
- began leading a Bible study on the Power of a Praying Woman
- celebrated Valentine's Day by playing Just Dance for Wii (everyone, BUY THIS GAME!)
- watched this good movie
- almost completed my 2009 taxes

That list makes me feel a little bit better about these last few weeks. Sometimes, you just have to remind yourself of the small things in life.

And then there are stories like this, which really put into perspective how much curtains, movies, and projects don't really matter at all.

"Whatever happens, he says, is God's will, and God has his reasons."


Gina said...

YAY!!!! I made the blog. I loved seeing you. It made my heart happy to, once again, be sitting on that couch painting my nails and having them painted a beautiful shade of "mother of pearl". Some of it still remains and I think of you all fondly each time I look at my fingers.
Now go clean your room!!!!!!

Gina said...

how's the blog going?

RaCeQu said...

you would be SO proud of me.

I cleaned my room yesterday.

but you are probably less than proud of my blogging habits as of late. Lots going on. Can't seem to focus (and having to be careful what i let out=). Miss you, G!

Gina said...

oh boy.