Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is less than two weeks away. Thirteen daysss, people!

But this month has a couple of other exciting things happening too...

1.) Caleb is coming hommmme! We found out last week that Caleb gets to have leave from December 23 until December 27. Only 96 hours but I am already so thankful for those hours since he wasn't allowed to take leave at Thanksgiving. Yeaaahhhh! Can't wait to see him!

2.) Baby Tanner #2 is scheduled to arrive soon! Jessie is due on December 27th but I honestly think (and hope!) it will be before then. I am so excited to meet this little one... hip, hip, hooray!

3.) I am in the midst of preparing for my trip to Haiti. While my trip isn't in December, it is not far behind and definitely on my mind alot right now. There are many things going on in Haiti right now and I'm praying that the Lord's will be done in all. I'm so thankful I have the privilege to serve the sweet children of this country!

So that is what's going on in my world... what about you?


Jena Carper said...

Def thought the preggo lady was you!! :)
Loving the Christmasy blog. Hope you're doing well, lady!

RaCeQu said...

Sorry Jena, no virgin births this Christmas =)

Everything is well in Georgia! Camp reunion soon? I say Y-E-SSSSS!