Monday, March 19, 2012

how to create a fabric bookshelf

This is my first how to on my blog!  I'm sure you will all be enlightened at the end of this post... or maybe just inspired to go look at pinterest.  Either way, I call that a win!

While pinning away one day I came across this bookshelf.  Hello pattern... Hello color!  


I thought this looked simple enough to recreate.  And since I had this ugly little shelf that was screaming, "please make me over," I headed to the fabric store one afternoon and bought a yard of fabric.  And then – appropriately dressed in a skirt and high heels – I made my way to ACE Hardware to buy some primer and a roller. (note: I use this roller. It works really well, it's super cheap and I throw it away when I'm done.)

After ripping off the cheap backing board, a quick prime and paint update, I let it dry like this... 

And then I pinned the fabric to the back of the shelf.  I read on some blogs where people stapled the fabric to the back but I didn't have a stapler handy and I liked the freedom to change out fabric if I came across something I liked more.


Here is the finished product.  I'm still learning how to arrange shelves (as you can tell, it's not something that comes naturally to me).

Does anyone have any tips on arranging?  Or places that I can buy pretty (and inexpensive) fabric?

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