Sunday, July 6, 2008

Choosing to Walk in the Light...

All of us will face things in life that frighten us, but we are only defeated by our fears when we allow them to keep us from staying on the course God has given us to run.  God wants us to live a life of fulfillment and joy in Him, but if there is one thing that will keep us from doing that, it's fear.  Fear holds us back, cripples us, blinds us, and keeps us from hearing God or obeying when He speaks.  I've seen too many examples of fear keeping people from enjoying fulfilling human relationships, from taking significant steps in their careers, and, worst of all, from being used effectively for the kingdom of God.  

Too many of us avoid or run from the prospects that frighten us.  Fearing rejection, we avoid close contact with other people.  Fearing failure, we simply stop trying to accomplish anything.  And fearing people, we keep our mouths shut when we should be talking to friends, coworkers and neighbors about all that God has done for us.  

When we run from the things that frighten us, we've handed Satan the victory in a gift-wrapped box with a bow on top.  We've essentially waved the white flag and said to the Devil, "You win!" Our paralysis in the face of fear gives victory to an enemy who loves nothing more than to freeze us in our tracks, to cripple us, and to render us for God's kingdom.

Don't run from or deny your fears.  That's dishonest and only makes things worse.  Don't run from your fears.  You will have to face them one day, and you can never grow in your faith until you do.  God cares when we are afraid, and He has given us a way to confront and defeat our fears.  It's by exposing them to the light He gives us through His Son, Jesus Christ.


These words are so true.  The past few weeks of my life have been full of fear; fear of not meeting up to people's standards, fear of failure, fear of commitment.  I re-read this again today and was reminded how we are supposed to live out our lives: 
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; 
but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
  2 Timothy 1:7 

(edit: the writing in bold on this post was all taken from a book by Tony Evans; I only wish to be this wise with my words...)

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