Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I think I work at a museum...

This was my day at Carlyle...

Visit 7 (SEVEN!) homes at Carlyle and help our photographer arrange things to shoot pictures for our brochures for Carlyle.  I learned so much today.  And not just about lighting and and the incredible wide camera lens our photographer used, but about the people that make my job so special.  I learned about their antiques, their lives, their children, their faith, everything.  Our residents are each so different.  You would not believe these homes that I went into... absolutely beautiful, like in a museum.  I was inspired by every apartment home I saw.  

I also ran a few errands in Macon on my lunch break.  (note to self:  * a medium iced latte at dunkin donuts is much larger than a grande or even a venti at starbucks.  also... do not drink this in 10 minutes even if you are rushing. you will feel jittery for  the ENTIRE day.)

On a different note, today is Nanny's 83rd Birthday!  Happy Birthday, NANNY! (even though she doesn't read my blog, nor does she access the internet)  I can't imagine being 83.  Let's see, if I make it to 83, that will be the year 2069... holy goodness that's a long ways away.

Oh and congrats to Aunt Corky; I'm sure she is beautiful!

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