Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I pity Diddy.

I just saw the most recent video from the rap star/designer/mogul/"humanitarian", Sean Combs... aka "Diddy".  Now, I will be honest, I wish I knew more about politics than I do.  And I am trying to learn more.  But his argument against John McCain's pick for vice presidential candidate?  


When you are trying to state your opinion on something that requires a bit of education, how about giving facts rather than blasting off the f bomb every few minutes? No thank you, Mr. Combs.

I am guessing this video was directed at "the youth of America" and as apart of this youth, I'm ashamed.  I'm ashamed that people will see this and base their vote on what "diddy" thinks.


The Littlest Birdie said...

Thank you!!

Rodney Queen said...

very well put. you got your smarts from me Rachel, not your mother, as most people think. :) JUST KIDDING.

cottage girl said...

I think that HE thinks that people actually listen to him. I've never heard anyone ever say that they voted for someone cause P-Diddy told them, too. Have you?

Well spoken, by the way!