Saturday, October 4, 2008

October... already?

I'm sorry G. It has been a while. But unlike ML thinks, its not because I've been sleeping my days away. No sir. It's because these past two weeks(+) have been busy, busy.

As you probably know by now, I love being busy. But I can honestly say, that I am excited to be over that hump of chaos for now.

So what have I done with all this spare time? Model home, Milledgeville, a birthday (not mine... although, it is coming up. you know I had to throw that out there=), Office, Survivor, and Amazing Race premieres, a fight in Zaxby's, the GEORGIA NATIONAL FAIR, and Capture the Flag. Oh and did I mention the Model Home?

Well, I'll start off by telling you about the Model Home. You know how in the last post I told you I was excited about getting stuff moved, well we took a day to move all of our things from storage into the new model home, GARDEN HOME 25. While initially I was excited, my feelings quickly turned to "let's just get this over already" soon after it began. pressure. I don't like working on something that I am not passionate about, so I tried to change my attitude after the movers arrived 2 hours late. So after about 3 hours we finally had the home set up with the furniture we had. I went back to the office relieved that the beginning and "hardest part" (or so what I thought would be the hardest part) was over. Then I found out that the model home really was GARDEN HOME 24. Awesome. The homes are so similair and even share the same driveway. The only differences are the flooring and countertops, and the home is reversed. So after finding out I screwed up big, I laughed at myself/wanted to cry but realized it was just a lack of communication. Well, the movers came back out and switched everything. (applause!) Then started the second step. I like to call it Linens and Things. No, not like the store that went bankrupt, but like when you buy stuff to put on beds, in bathrooms, etc. I now have a fear of registering with whomever God has me to marry after this experience, and let me explain why. Dear readers, shopping is not something I love to do. While I like finding a good deal and having new things, I do not like wasting time in stores looking for things. But that's just me. Well, we have done alot of this Linens and Things shopping in the last few weeks. I probably will not be visiting, Presidential Parkway for awhile. But, the good news is, IT'S DONE! Well, the parts where we have to leave work for a few hours to go look for lamps that will look good on our entry way table that looks like a pieice of Chinese architecture (not really, but sort of). So next time you go to by a shower curtain, think of me... or actually, don't=)

Last Wednesday, I decided to make a quick trip to see my friends in Milledgeville. I went to Northside for the college Bible study that was a big part of my four years in college. It was so good to see everyone and be in a room with people my age! It's rare that I get to be with people my age, and that is something I've been praying that the Lord will give me more of an opprotunity with. After church, I stopped in for a quick visit with my good friend, JM. She is one of the most honest, encouraging people I know. So we "caught up" with each other before she had to go to her sorority's flag football game. It was such a refreshing and fun night!

Next was Baby Ruth's 17th birthday party. Excuse me, but when did she grow up? I don't know. It's crazy to think that 17 years ago Papa (my dad's dad) came to wake me up from my nap at Hope Christian Academy to tell me that I had a new sister. I still remember being jealous of her and our living room filled with presents. Now, she is a beautiful, smart girl... who gets whatever she wants. jk, RCQ.

So I won't take too much time here, mostly because I don't want to sound like her. As much as I hate admitting it, I love Thursday night tv. And The Office was sooo gewd. Jim & Pam. 4-eva... let's hope=) But I think the most hilarious part was when Kelly was gagging after she drank her diet drink.

Now probably the most hilarious/scary thing I've witnessed since I blogged to you all last was my experience in Zaxby's. A woman happen to reach over another while filling up her drink... and she lost it. Yelling ensued as I stood there speechless (wanting to laugh my head off) and scared that someone would pull a gun, I mean afterall, I do live in GAWWWJA. Anyways, the husband starts yelling and saying "you will not talk to my wife like that... MANAGER!!! MANAGER!!! I'LLCALL THE COPS ON YOU!!!". Really, I don't know how people can act like this in public and feel that this is normal.

On Thursday, one of the greatest things began in Middle Georgia... the GEORGIA NATIONAL FAIR! For those of you who have never experienced this simple wonder, let me give you a little piece of advice, COME! I don't know what it is about the fair but I love it. Maybe, one reason I love it so much is because it reminds me that fall is coming, or in this year's case, is finally here! So many leaves on the trees are already orange and red and that always brings a smile to my face.

Speaking of trees... I went to a pecan orchard last night and played capture the flag, by myself. Just kidding... that was lame. but for real, in my game playing hours, I did get a few people in jail (mostly because they were confused and not because of me being faster than they) but I did not get the chance to hold a flag in my hand. When I was not playing though, I was staring at stars... goodness gracious, they were beautiful. The last time I watched stars like that was when I was at camp in Summer 2006, aka... too long. I hope I will take time to look up at the stars more often, because when I do, I'm always reminded of how creative our Creator is.

Oh and did I mention that tonight is CFCA's homecoming? Has it really been five years since I was a senior in high school? In the words of Brian Fellows, that seems "crazy".

But even crazier that I'll be 22 in 10 days. (yes, I brought it up again=)

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Gina said...

Oh my. It is like you were verbally constipated and took some exlax and here is the result. I enjoyed this one and laughed a few times. I liked the visual of you running through the orchard by yourself. And I think its weird that you don't like leaving work to shop. That would be my dream job. LEAVING work and shopping with SOMEONE ELSE'S money. I think that's the first time I have not felt a bond with you. Are we drifting apart? Say it ain't so. And what does GAWWWJA mean? I know it's Georgia but is it an acronym? Anyway, this is like my own personal post.
Love you. Be sure to get some writer's fiber so you can stay regular. I miss you when you're gone.