Monday, October 13, 2008

twenty-one things from my twenty-first year...

I have so much to be thankful for during my 21st year. This is a quick list (in no particular order) of things I am grateful for and grateful to have experienced in my 21st year.

edit: I am happy to say that this list could go on and on for hours.

1.) My name on a piece of styrofoam to-go box. Ethan learned to write this year and he wrote my name for me while out to dinner one night... only an aunt can appreciate this!

2.) College/Graduation. Seriously, where did four years go??? I am so thankful for all that i was able to do and be apart of in my college time. The people God placed along my way and the things He allowed me to experience will never be replaced.

3.) Weddings galore. My two sisters, Madie and Anna Beth got married to two wonderful men of God. My sweet roommate, Emily and her husband Dallas. Good friends, Megan and Spencer. And childhood/high school friends Claire and Will, and Megan and Brett. Not to mention all the people at camp that gained a husband or a wife=) 27 dresses, anyone?

4.) Text messages.
Now some might think this silly, but this makes my life that much better. now, quit laughing at me.

5.) Ouuu-ttthiide. Apparently my niece, Avery, has somewhat of a lisp and we sat on the porch one day, laughing our heads off while we repeated this back to each other.

6.) Forts. While babysitting Eth and Ave one night, we built a fort and hid. I love hearing where I child's imagination will take them.

7.) Magic Bullet/Power Smoothies. One of the greatest kitchen tools ever and I used this tool to make a special treat for Ethan so that the "bears" that were coming after us in the woods (living room) will stay away from us. (see what i said about imagination?)

8.) GCSU Homecoming. Having the honor to represent my school, is something I will always appreciate.

9.) Hosanna. One of the most incredible songs I have ever heard. If you haven't heard it... tell me and I will point you in the right way.

10.) A crush on a bo.. uh, I mean MAN. Need I say more?

11.) First Job. God provided me with an amazing job and incredible people to work with. It is so awesome to look at how He ordered all the steps that led me to Carlyle.

12.) Carlyle Place Senior Olympics. Checkers in the Olympics, really?!?!??? How can that not be one of my favorite things.

13.) Good friends. God allowed me to open up more to certain people than I ever have before, and the result is lasting friendships that are not just surface.

14.) The Office and LOST. Two things I have spent watching countless hours of... but have always brought a smile/fear/confusion/frustration to my face!

15.) Appreciation for veterans. Working with and hearing the stories of senior citizens makes you appreciate life and life in America even more than I did before. I am so grateful to have heard some of the most incredible stories from our "Greatest Generation".

16.) Letting myself be emotional. For a few years, I couldn't cry. I am now glad that sometimes, it just happens.

17.) Dancing at Ziggy's. Actually, dancing anywhere in public and not caring what others think. What a freeing feeling!

18.) Sushi and edamame. Because something so simple, is so so good.

19.) Running 3 miles. This may be nothing to some people. But to me, its huge.

20.) Seeing JS smile again. A real smile, one where I know God has done a work in his life. prayers are being answered!

21.) My iPod touch. Who knew a little device could do sooo much? Not me.

Well again, I could go on and on and on. But I won't. thanks to each of you who made this year the best one yet! I love and appreciate all you do and mean to me!


cottage girl said...

Happy Birthday, Rach! What a fun list. There's nothing like getting older to make you appreciate the small things that make you happy. Hope you enjoy your fun day!

Gina said...

OK, Great post!
#7 love it too!
#10 yes, you need say more
#20 I agree, I loved the pics your dad posted from the seminar and there seemed something very different about him.
Happy birthday sweet Rachel!