Thursday, December 11, 2008

day 3

Some of us holding Nanny's hand around her bed.

I am drained. emotionally and physically.  I think everyone in our family is.  

These past few days have not been easy, but the Lord is sustaining us and giving us comfort through words and actions of those around us.  Yesterday a man from our church came to visit the hospital while dad and I were here.  He was telling us that his mother in law was in the same type of state for five days before she passed.  Five days.  It kind of made me sick to think that this might continue for that long.  He then went on to say, that he knew that the Lord had it in control because they were to have been somewhere on the day of her funeral and at the place they were supposed to be at, an accident had happened.  This reminded me that we DO NOT always understand the Lord and His timing.  

I've been reminded of this many times this year.  Last night as I held Nanny's hand, I cried to the Lord, "please Lord, just take her. take her hand from mine and place it in Yours.  Restore her--eternally."  That has been my prayer alot these past three days.  We know that Nanny isn't likely to get better.  She has wanted to be with the ones she has lost and are now in heaven for a long time.  She is ready.  And we are as ready as you can be in preparing for this.  

Madie, Nanny and me at Brant's & Jennifer's wedding.
September 2007.


Gina said...

3 beautiful ladies.

Anonymous said...


That was a beautiful picture of the hands! You are so mature and grown up. It has beena privilege to watch you and your family grow in the Lord. I pray too that Nanny Queen will go soon and peacefully!

Shanda Sprague