Wednesday, December 10, 2008

time to reflect

I am thankful for times like today, when I truly acknowledge and reflect what the Lord has done in our family's life. 

I sit here, listening to the struggled breaths of my dear, sweet grandmother, Nanny.  She's 83 and in those 83 years she has been through alot - good and bad and when I think about all that, I pray only one thing for her - PEACE.  

But whatever my Lord has in store for her in the hours-and possibly days- to come, I rest assured because we know that Nanny already has Everlasting Peace waiting for her in all of eternity.  And that makes my heart humbled and grateful. 

I appreciate all the prayers people have prayed and right now I ask that you pray for comfort.  Lord your will be done.  AMEN.

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