Monday, December 29, 2008

i'm a baby.

Dear readers,
it's me.  except a sick version of me.  
I'm actually on the upswing of this horrid cold that robbed my weekend and had me stranded on the couch and bed watching movies and sleeping all Saturday and Sunday.  I was looking forward to a restful weekend but not one that would involve lots of drowsiness (induced by meds) and lots of coughing.  
So here I am.  Writing to you all.  
I went to work today... and probably annoyed everyone with my loud, chest-clearing cough.  I also probably scared anyone who came into my office, for my voice sounded like that of a boy going through puberty.  And now, I am taking more meds to help me sleep and ease this loud, chest-clearing cough.  So I thought I'd let you see me taking said meds.  This particular med is one of my least favorite.  Most medicines I can handle because you just swallow and don't taste it.  Not this kind.  This is 8-12 ounces of pure torture.  It's called Thera-Flu, or as I like to call it, Thera-ewwwwwww.  It comes in an assortment of flavors but mi madre prefers lemon.  So it basically taste like your drinking hot lemonade, sans sugar. 


Not excited... at all.

Getting a whiff of lemony-disgusting-ness.

But I gotta...


I never was good at winking.

That's all.  I am tired.  And my head feels like 1000 bricks are laying on top. 


twentyfivetolife said...

That was thoroughly entertaining. Is that your 2007 Wabanna staff shirt that I see? That or it's one of those "have a nice day" shirts with the smiley face, but I don't think your sense of fashion has gone that far off the deep end. At least I hope it hasn't.

RaCeQu said...

Thank you for having faith in me... and my sense of fashion. It is definitely the 2007 Wabanna tee (complete with it's subliminal message and all=)

Now I must get back to annoying co-workers and residents with my cough.


Gina said...

Pun intended regarding the 1000 bricks comment???? The mug???? Love the mug by the way. I have been sick too. Hope you are feeling better.

Lindsey said...

I love the shirt, I'm sporting mine right now and it brings back lovely memories down by the bay.
I'm sorry you're sick. ) : My allergies have been crazy these past few days. I don't know what it is like in Georgia right now, but Oklahoma is in the high 70s one day and the next we're plummeting towards 0. It's messing me up, my friend.

twentyfivetolife said...

Oh yes the subliminal message. Who could forget that? I hope you feel better soon. When I got sick a few weeks ago I tried that Emergen-C stuff for the first time and I think it really worked. I was downing like 3 or 4 packets a day of that stuff and a ton of green tea as well. I was completely over my cold in like 2 days. Of course it could have all been in my head, but who cares as long as I feel better.

RaCeQu said...

No pun intended, G... although, it would've been a good one. And I love that mug too... it was one we got from Nanny and Papa's. Memories=) I hope you are better!

And Lindz, our weather has been crazy too... but apparently, not as crazy as y'alls! We go from cool 50's to hot 70's... not good for January=(