Saturday, March 7, 2009

a few days of snow

I have seen alot of snow this week. Well, alot for me anyways.

It all started on Sunday. The weatherman had predicted that even though it was supposed to be 70 something degrees on Saturday, we would indeed have snow on Sunday. I laughed. Didn't believe him. But there was a little bit of me hoping it would. So Saturday came with overcast skies and I ran my first 5k. Shortly there after it rained. Then what do you know, here comes the sun. The weather man was 1-1 at this point. Good job Ben Jones...

Sunday came, I checked the weather and it was around 40 degrees. Pssh. No snow for us, I thought to myself. So I left Sunday school, and what do I see falling from the sky???! SNOW! Well, sort of. At this point it was coming down as snow but quickly melting because it was still warm outside. Then a few hours later, the weather man had been redeemed because it was indeed SNOWING in Macon, Georgia. 2-2, Ben Jones... way to go.

Yesterday, I spent about 9 hours in the car on trek to West Virgin-i-a. Thankfully, I made it safely after about 8 stops (no, that is not an exaggeration). I had planned on skiing like I had always before but I decided to try snowboarding instead. I spent part of the day on my butt, laughing, with soaking wet pants that I thought were waterproof. The other part of the day I was going down hills and trying to figure out how I was still standing.

All in all, it was a grand experience. I like the snow.

I will tell you tomorrow if I like lacrosse or not. more on that later...

Pray that I have safe travels back to Georgia tomorrow. Also pray that I find good music and Starbucks along the way to help me stay awake=)

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