Thursday, May 21, 2009

showers. graduations. weddings.

will they ever stop? after saturday, I will have been to two of each in the last month. and no, it's not that I don't enjoy these types of festivities but every Saturday gets a little tiring... and expensive.

I remember this time last year I had 5 weddings in a row for the months of May & June. I wonder what it is about May that makes alot of people want to get married in that month. I think its a pretty word - May - so maybe that's why, so they can have a pretty month listed on their invitation. anyways, I am rambling.

on to something different...

Sometimes I think I would like to learn more about creating personalized stationery, invitations and cards. I really like creating those sorts of pieces of small art. I could spend hours looking at calligraphy sites like this or at even at this website. What is it about script that is so enticing to me? Well, to be honest, I can't exactly tell you. But I know that I love seeing these types of lettering so much more than I like my own attempt at the written language. I have probably the second most awful handwriting - standing proudly only in front little children everywhere that have more important things to think about than their penmanship.

anyways, here is my most recent favorite font discovery.

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