Saturday, July 11, 2009

i'm baccckkk.

Well, actually I've been back since late Tuesday night. But because of this sickness that has seemed to attach to my throat and now head, I've done ALOT of sleeping.

So, I want to tell you about my trip. I was so thankful to be able to take some time off of work and spend some time doing whatever I wanted. It was interesting to be around children and people my age, seeing as how that is really rare these days, you know, since I work at a retirement community. Being at camp as a "visitor" was different too. For the two summers I worked there, pretty much every minute from Sunday afternoon at 5 until Saturday morning at 11 was planned for me. Not so this past week.

What did I do on my trip? Well in my last post I made a list of things I wanted or planned to do. I am glad to say that all but two got done. I didn't wake up early enough for a sunrise and for some reason I was never outside while the sun was setting (or if I was, I wasn't paying attention). So here goes... my trip summary with pictures!

After my crazy Wednesday at work, I flew to MD that night and didn't actually crawl into bed until 1:15. This was the first time I stayed in the lodge but because I was so tired, I really didn't think about how creepy it was... that is until a few nights later.

The next morning, I made my way down to breakfast where I got to sit and talk with people I hadn't seen a while. It was good to be back. That morning dad and I went on a bike ride on Kent Island. It was a beautiful trail and that's when I started to realize the weather was going to be PERFECT on my trip.
After dinner, we headed out to the wall for a photo shoot and this is where I realized that working inside year round doesn't help my lack of skin color. I look pasty white next to my lifeguard sister.
The next day, things were still in full swing at camp and a sweet friend let me know via facebook that she was coming to camp and bringing her "tornado". We had fun playing in the pool watching the kids jump off the sides and going down for goggles that had sunk to the bottom. S & T remind me alot of E & A so it was fun to see how they have changed over the last two years. That afternoon, I went out to the front wall and watched boats go by, read, and slept. Again, the weather was beautiful.
The Friday night event for the week was the Christmas Pageant. It was nice to sit back and watch and not have to worry about looking like a fool dancing around our "Barney"
or like a ballerina. For those of you who remember "Barney", well, I am sorry. =)

Saturday, after little planning and luck with getting tickets for the play Wicked, we decided to head to NYC anyways and spend 4th of July there. When we got into the city we went by the theatre to see how much tickets were and they actually had three together! We decided to buy them and see the 8:00 performance, which meant we would miss fireworks but it was a good... actually GREAT decision. So, so fun. We did some shopping and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in Times Square (which if you ever go, get the cajun shrimp on the appetizer menu - its enough for dinner and DELICIOUS!). We did some shopping and got some Starbucks and headed to the theatre. I've listened to the soundtrack so many times for the play Wicked, but to actually see the story in front of you and have all the songs make sense - it was incredible. I've been listening to the music even more since I got back.
We got home around 3 that morning and slept for a few hours and woke up and got ready to visit Capitol Hill Baptist Church in D.C. I've visited a few times in the summers past and always enjoyed going. Even though the church is more traditional than I am used to, you can feel the Lord moving through the people, the music that is sung and the words that are spoken. After church, we met up with Kata for lunch and ate at Potbelly's (why do we not have these in GEORGIA???)
This is quite the attractive pic of me & Ruthie, don't you think? We saw a little boy "smiling" like this in a picture for his mom the day before in NYC so we had to take one too!

Sunday night, some friends came into town and we went out to dinner. We had fun laughing at the mullet we saw, talking about a trip to Georgia and reconnecting after being away. I like reunions with friends.

Monday morning, Ruthie, Dad & I made our way down to the beach to take the kayaks out on the water. It was a good day on the water and it was actually dad's first time kayaking. We went across the bay to an island and then turned around and went back. While on the way back, I decided to try kayaking - standing up! It was actually fun other than the few times I thought I was going to fall in the water.
Next we headed down to Annapolis so that I could meet up with a friend that I meant at camp my first summer, EVM. We ate lunch and caught up about everything going on and then headed down to the harbor. I think the harbor might be one of my favorite places. It's so simple and beautiful and has so much going on, yet you're in your own world when you are there. l-o-v-e it.

Timmy & Brian came out that night with the jet ski in tow... I hadn't been on jet ski/tube since last fall! It was so much fun to be out on the water again and the sun was so bright. Perfect time to be on the water.
Monday nights are a special night: the dumb, addicting, ever-so-dramatic show, "The Bachelorette" comes on. I know a few girls at camp that watch it so I planned on watching it with them that night. Silly me lost track of time and went out to with some friends and lost track of time. But don't worry. I made it in time to see the last 20 minutes of the show (the only part that really matters anyways) and coincidentally, in time to watch the dumbest person ever make himself look even more like an idiot.

Tuesday marked the last day of my vacation. Dad & I headed into Annapolis to ride our bikes around and ate lunch at the Middleton Tavern. It was a peaceful way to wind down the end of my trip.

I had lots of time to think about where I am and how grateful I am for everyone and everything I've had a chance to experience in life and also look forward to what's in store in the days to come. It's fun to be where He has me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving this description of our trip. I enjoyed being with you and Ruthie. We made some MEMORIES that we'll never forget. And we have the great photos to refresh our memories. Love you.


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