Saturday, July 18, 2009

Macon just got a little bit cooler!

... and it wasn't as hot today either.

All last summer I really wanted to go kayaking. But this proved to be difficult because, well, I do not own a kayak. So before summer came around this year, I was considering purchasing my first water toy. Well, time passed me and summer came and here I was, no kayak and no playing on the water.

Well that was until someone kindly directed me to a little place called Ocmulgee Expeditions. You see, the Ocmulgee River (pronounced ok-MUHL-gee) just happens to go through Macon and two (genius) guys created a place where you can rent kayaks or canoes and have a day on the river. Luckily, I have a friend that wanted to try it also, so we visited this place today. Even though the river was bare-reeee-lyyyyy moving, it was a fun couple of hours to relax on the water and spend some time with my friend, Jill.

two color pics:

and two b&w:

So thank you, Ocmulgee Expeditions for reintroducing me to the water. And thank you Jill Marie, for being a fun friend who is willing to spend a whole day with me talking your ear off.

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