Sunday, October 25, 2009

learning to not worry about plan a... or plan b... etc.

So a few months ago when I saw a movie called (500) Days of Summer I realized something. I won't talk about how much I loved the movie (one of my favorites!) or how fun it was (so fun!) or how I think you should rent it when it comes out. I want to show and tell you about one of the most interesting scenes from a movie that I've ever scene. I think it made an impression on me because, well, it's exactly what I do all the time.

background on this scene: the boy and girl you will see at the beginning of the scene is who the movie is all about. they date. they break up. they don't see each other for awhile. she invites him to a party she's hosting. this happens. one side of the screen is what his expectations are of the night, the other - reality.
You see, I am a planner. A little obsessive compulsive some people may say...

I like to know what is going to happen tomorrow or at least be somewhat prepared. Unfortunately as a human with no special powers (why God, WHY?), I do not ever know what's going to happen tomorrow - no matter how hard I try to plan something out.

So seeing this scene played out in a movie made me realize, maybe, I am not the only one who struggles with this sick disease; so rejoice, maybe I am normal! However, just because I have someone, or perhaps someones, to relate to in this gross, life-distracting disease does not mean I should keep doing it! So from now on, I will try to plan less. Maybe I will have to watch this scene every time I start to p.l.a.n. and remember that

1. things rarely turn out like I expect
2. it wastes time
3. I often don't enjoy things as much when I have expectations on them
4. it's dumb
5. no really, it's d-u-m-b.

So in order to go through with this new way of living, I will no longer plan on what time I will wake in the morning, so - no more alarm clock! I hope my boss can understand this new habit!

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cottage girl said...

I hear you on the whole planning thing. That's me too.
And I, too, LOVED 500 Days. Can't wait to see it again and again and again!