Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MINER details...

Yes, I spelled it miner. That's because I am talking the miners that have been trapped for the past two months and one week. And because I like puns. But back to the miners.

yikes, that is a loooong time. this timeline gives a brief idea of what's been going on. I became interested in the story when I read this post about what they were receiving down under... and I'm not talking about Australia people.

Can you imagine, being underground for that long? I went spelunking my freshman year of college and only stayed over night. I cannot even begin to imagine almost 70 nights knowing that you can't get out. yipes. I think I'm getting a rash thinking about it!

So why am I talking about all of this, you ask? Well I just spent the last 30 minutes watching one of the miners being rescued.


what was pulling them out of the ground.

his "esposa". bless.

almostttt there!

she is excited. And rightfully so!

EARTH. look at that s-m-i-l-e =)

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Praying that they all are rescued just as joyfully as this man was.

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