Monday, October 11, 2010

two months in one post. wowza.

well you didn't think I would let two months go by without blogging, did you?

oh you did? sorry about that one. one day turned into two, two days turned into three weeks –and here we are, one month and 30 days later... distant friends who barely even know each other any more. so let's correct that: my name is Rachel and I've missed you!

Now, rather than me ramble on about why I haven't blogged or what I've been preoccupied with, I'll keep it short and sweet.

what I've been listening to

what I've been inspired by

where I've been: here. here. and here.

what I've eaten TOO much of

whose wedding I've been getting excited about

what I've baked and iced

what has made me laugh every time I've turned it on

what I think is one of the most incredible experiences of my life to date

what I've been laughing about being deemed real news
(and I can't leave out their hilarious remixes)

what I am slightly embarrassed to admit I L-O-V-E reading

So that ought to keep you busy/entertained/dumbfounded for the next few minutes. Until next time, how have you been?
p.s. - I have been keeping up with you all... mostly because I really do love what is going on in your life=)

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Emily and Dallas said...

Love you girl and miss you a ton! We neeeeed to catch up, and one blog post will not cover it!