Thursday, January 28, 2010

A few random thoughts... in alphabetical order.

No, really... it's in alphabetical order.

We have now received 3 letters from Caleb. While I look forward to getting letters (this let's me know he is still alive and that the awful Drill Instructors haven't in fact killed him) it is very hard to read the letters from him. Basically, what he is going through is very difficult. In his letters he expresses frustration over "not being able to do anything right". Yikes. What an awful feeling... everything you do is wrong. I am praying he has endurance through this all and that the Lord protects his heart.

Since we got his address this weekend, I put my first letter in the mail on Monday. It was 16 pages. Ok, so it wasn't just one letter, but rather about 10 that I had typed the first 2 weeks he was gone. Tomorrow, my second envelope goes out to him. This time, I will just be sending him pictures of the family.

I have decided that I do not prefer my hair to be the length it currently is. Project grow hair out commences now.

Ruthie is currently taking an online math class. It is very simple math (think algebra type problems). I really like looking at her problems and seeing how fast I can solve them. It reminds me of 3rd grade and when we would play around the world and Mark M. and Ryan S. would always win. (side note: Ryan S. picked his nose in the third grade. alot.) So, I think I am going to by a math problems book.

New CD
Do you remember how I told you I was changing my view on country music? I bought Lady Antebellum's new cd... on the day it came out, nonetheless. I really like it and have listened to it for two days straight now.

I need more sunshine in my life. I wake up and it is dark outside. I drive to work right after the sun has risen, spend my day at work, and as I am pulling off of the interstate to go home, the sun is going down. I think work days should be shortened to 10 to 4. Or maybe 11 to 3. This is not because I don't like working, but because I need VITAMIN D!

Wedding Music
I heard a song yesterday. The first thing I thought when I heard this song? I want this to be my first dance song at my wedding. There is a problem with this thought. I am currently as single as they come. How can I possibly picking out wedding music when I do not even know who God has for me to marry? What if *God forbid* he doesn't dance? Ah... the thoughts of a single girl. helllllppppp meeeee.

As I was walking through the halls at work this week I was reminded of something that I certainly needed to be reminded of. This life is temporary. Most people live 70 or 80 years and although that seems like a long time, the reality is, once we do all the things "we have to do", like work, activities, commitments, etc., time passes quickly. I want to make good use of the time I am given.


loveneverfailsyou said...

as far as the wedding stuff goes... i think that is just a girl thing. i've definitely had my whole wedding music stuff picked out for years. i even have pictures of the type of wedding gown i want... or maybe i'm just obsessed with that kind of stuff.. ha idk

RaCeQu said...

I think you are right!

and just between you and me (and anyone who might read this) I have a file on my computer of wedding inspiration.

my excuse? it is there in case I ever go into event planning=) baha!