Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don't worry, I'm still here...

Hello bloggers...

It's so quiet at our house.  I am actually the only "child" at home this week.  It's weird, I don't ever remember being the only one here.  But it reminds me how thankful I am for all my bruddas and siswees.  

So I have a story about my internship.  OK, so it isn't really about my job but just a story I want to share in hopes to brighten your day/night.   Yesterday, as I was getting ready to leave, I noticed a lady picking one of the residents up and was apparently in quite the hurry as she came into the parking lot about 50 miles an hour and slammed on brakes at the last second.  So she goes in and walks back out with this precious little old lady who is on her cell phone.  I looked down and noticed she had two different shoes on.  Not like a simple mix up of a navy and black shoe.  Oh no.  She had one white open toe/backless sandal and a tan loafer.  Not even close.  So what did I do?  

Well, I laughed to myself.  And then thought about telling her.  And then laughed to myself some more.  Like I said they were in quite the hurry.  Should I have told her?  What would you have done?

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