Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day!

Many good things to update on; I have much to be thankful for!

Today, I got to learn more about the job my supervisor has put me over.  I met with the owner of an advertising agency here in Macon, who came up with the idea.  It's called The Great Personal Treasure Project.  Our meeting went really well and she laid out things that I need to do for the project to get it off the ground and going.  

I'm excited I get to work on this.  For those of you who are curious, here's an idea of what The Great Personal Treasure Project is: residents at Carlyle Place will have the opportunity to share what their personal treasure is (i.e., one of the residents has letters from Eleanor Roosevelt!). Then after recording their stories, we'll create a website featuring their stories and a scrapbook that shares all the stories.  Since I really love event planning, I suggested that we might even have a launch party for the residents and their families that participated in TGPTP when the website is revealed. We'll see.  

This is project seems to really fit me.  It has parameters set up all ready, but still allows me to be creative and add ideas.  I get to work by myself on it, but still get to know some of the residents at Carlyle Place, something I've desired since getting the internship.  I will have alot of work to do, but I will get to hear all kinds of stories from seniors and here their experiences and gain wisdom from them.  

After work, I planned on going shopping for more things to wear to work.  I went to Kohl's and got a couple of tops and a beautiful dress, for $8 I might add!  Then I went to the mall and found an answer to prayer... SALE!  The Loft in our mall is relocating so EVERYTHING was 50% off!  I left there with 4 shirts and a pair of shoes for $30!  God really provided for me, then again, He always does.

Thanks for letting me share about my day.  I hope your day was as exciting--if not more-- as mine.

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