Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Hello this is Rachel and she will be interning with us for 8 weeks."

The first day.  Done.  

It was such a weird feeling getting up at 6 a.m., getting ready, eating breakfast, packing a lunch, picking out something to wear.  It almost felt like the first day of school... but not.  

This was my first day as an intern or "cheap labor" as one of my new co-workers jokingly called me.  (Did I mention this was an unpaid internship?) I prefer not to be called that.  I prefer marketing intern like my badge says.  Yes, I have a badge.

One of my favorite parts of the day was when I came downstairs with my supervisor to meet with a couple who were thinking about moving into Carlyle.  I got to sit in on their meeting and hear their thoughts about why they wanted to move there.  He was so candid and sweet in his plaid bow-tie and his love for his wife, of 58 years he proudly noted, was very evident.  He kept saying, "When I die before my wife..." and she would just give me a smile and a wink as to say, "Just let him say whatever he wants."

My least favorite part of the day was when I found out where "employee parking" was.  Have you seen that episode of The Office where they had to walk a mile from their parking lot? Think that.  If you haven't watched it, quit reading my blog and go rent every season of The Office.  

I really think this time I have at Carlyle is going to be rewarding on so many different levels. 

And I am thankful for that.  


cottage girl said...

Yeah, fellow blogger! So glad you are here. I can't wait to hear about your internship this summer

mags326 said...

I am so excited about your blog! I should get my own, except that nothing exciting happens in my life :( haha Glad to hear that your first day went well! And that story about that older couple you met today, how adorable! I love old people!