Thursday, June 26, 2008

Feel the burn...

You know that feeling when you exercise and can't hardly move afterwards?  Well me and Baby Ruth travelled to the gym tonight... and I can barely walk now.  

But as much as I might complain -- it is a "good" feeling.

We did all kinds of stuff.  At one point we were tossing the medicine ball back and forth to each other and the only thing I was thinking the whole time was "Please don't nail me in the face...", because let's be honest, if that would happen to anyone, it would be yours truly. 

I got to talk to a sweet friend today.  This girl and I have been through alot together, including not showering for two weeks while we were at camp two summers ago.  So needless to say, we have a close bond (3130).  It's been several months since I talked to my dear EVM, and we picked up right where we left off.  We had alot to catch up on and it is so nice to know what all that the Lord is doing in her life.  I value her and our friendship that was started two years ago.  Thanks, EVM.  

In other random but important news... Jean Day tomorrow at work!  OK... so it does cost $2, but my boss actually paid for me, so kind of her.  It will be nice not to have to put on a pair of hose in the morning.  (I still have not gotten used to them yet.)  

Welp, I guess I'll see ya later...


Megan said...

It costs $2 DOLLARS for you to be able to wear JEANS at work!??? hahaha, that is awesome!!

Hope you're doing well, friend!

Gina said...

Hey RaCeQ.
Why didn't you tell me you had a blog? I have to be all stealth to find these things out. I miss seeing your beautiful face at camp. Please come visit.

Courtney said...

why does gine leave such heart warming comments on your blog and says things like, "get to blogging" on mine?